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Corvidea Ref by miryhis Corvidea Ref by miryhis
Quick owl sketch ref.

Name: Corvidea

Breed Base:Great Horned Owl

Age: ?

Gender: Female

Strengths: Strong and silent flyer

Weaknesses: If she's lifting more than twice her weight (that is the maximum a Great Horned Owl can lift, I believe), she will not be as fast of a flyer.

Personality: Almost always wearing a knowing smile, she is cheery and playful. Corvidea does not like getting her hands (talons?) dirty (figuratively, of course, she is quite the physical fighter and doesn't mind spots of crimson on her light grey feathers), she will try to get The Corgi to do whatever task for her. The two are almost on the same intellectual level, but most of the time she can get The Corgi to do most task for her. She will get him to use his abilities if she needs to. It may seem she doesn't care for her companion, but she some deep and twisted way only she can comprehend. Even The Corgi, however clingy to her he can be, keeps his distance from her after they've had a fight.
(This is repeat, but just in case) Corvidea is The Corgi’s best friend, and can convince him to do just about anything she wants. By making vague predictions, she creates the illusion of being psychic. The two have a shaky relationship, but The Corgi is very superstitious and obsessed with knowing the future. He uses Corvidea to interpret anything he thinks might be an omen. To others she has a welcoming personality, and is willing to help others as long as she can gain something from it. While she can carry the deck around, the owl will take a rest here and there. Although, she can usually fly a good distance before resting.

History: The Corgi and Corvidea were with a traveling theatre and magic show and were left behind. The owl was trained to do some tricks, but the star of the show was The Corgi. This didn't bother her, though. She was more keen on just making a living, than impressing people.

Likes: Flying, puzzles, theatre, reading about history,

Dislikes: Cell phones, anything sold with an "As Seen on TV" Label, crows and ravens.

Other: She has a strong dislike for ravens and crows. The Corgi has asked her once, but she snapped at him, and scared him enough for him to ever ask again. If she sees one of the birds she will keep her distance, however if the bird comes too close she will fight it. There has been instances where The Corgi will interfere, to break her away from the fight, but he will get deep cuts that will take a while to heal. Corvidea has very basic medical knowledge (learned from watching humans), and she can stop the bleeding after a few minutes. On top of that, she'll only help him if she feels like it.

Note: She only fights other birds, not dogs.

Art Miryhis

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June 5, 2011
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